Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ask Kurt about: "Fit for Future"

Usually I talk about food
But I have realized, something has to change.
That's why we're talking about getting fit today.

Let's talk about making products fit for the future.
What about your attitude? For example, oxy-fuel cutting?
Old fashioned. Too complicated? So, let’s just automate it.

We all know:
Oxy-Fuel is cost-effective, ideal also for small plate thicknesses und delivers high quality.

That you can use these advantages again in the future, we have sent the proven Oxy-Fuel cutting to the IHT fitness studio.
First we developed a new cutting torch with ignition, height sensing that even has a detection of backfire.

Then we fully automated the oxy-fuel cutting process.
Our new cutting system APC perfectly suites your application.
No worry, no hassle. Simply Install and cut.

"Well, join in.
It’s so easy.
With the fully automated Oxy-Fuel cutting system from IHT.
Ask me.
I'll make you fit for the future."