Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why is it better to use automatic heigtht control for oxy fuel cutting?

We have one customer who has been able to reduce his workforce by 40% by installing IHT height control systems. The cutting quality is consistently high regardless of which operators are actually working. Of course, it is important that a high-quality height control system is used that is able to control the cutting process accurately.

Which companies IHT Automation supplies with its products?

IHT works very close with the world's leading cutting machine manufacturers. From the very beginning we have been working with the market leaders. If necessary, we also offer customized versions of our products.

How can you minimize scrap when cutting with oxy fuel ?

How can you minimize scrap in oxy fuel cutting?

For height control, IHT use a small ring electrode with a diameter of 34 mm. With this ring you can cut close to corners and edges.