Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fact N°3 Oxy-Fuel produces high quality cuts

Like me, your favourite bedside book is probably a copy of ISO EN DIN 9013, Thermal cutting - Classification of thermal cuts.  If it isn't and you would like a prĂ©cis, basically the Good Book says that whether you are looking at the squareness of a cut, the tolerance of the cutting angle or roughness of the finished cut,  you will always find that Oxy-Fuel gets the highest rating.

 Of course you do have to be looking at parts cut in a production environment made from industrial quality steel and not those made on an exhibition stand to amuse the visitors clutching their giveaways!
It is undisputed that the Oxy-Fuel cutting systems provide excellent quality.

So Fact N°3: Oxy-Fuel produces high quality cuts. PROVEN!