Monday, July 28, 2014

Oxy-fuel three burner unit and distance measurement

Wouldn't it be ideal, if the distance in bevel cutting would be exactly measured and controlled. However, this is a challenging task.

First, a constant distance is extremely important for a clean cut and secondly exist extremely high temperatures in triple torch burner units.

With the PLATE SENSOR IHT Automation provides here an approach for solving this problem. The electrode is air-cooled and this air flow makes sure that the distance measurement is only minimally affected by the cutting flame and the dielectric.

The sensor system CSC 500 ensures that the set distance is measured correctly and the motor controller of the linear drive delivers a precise signal.


  1. Laser cutting could be a trendy technology within which a high-powered optical device is directed at the specified surface to chop totally different shapes and forms.

    1. Andrew
      I agree that laser cutting gets more and more popular. But please take into consideration, that bevel cutting means relativly thick plates. It is not very economic to cut laser above 10 mm. Here is plasma and oxyfuel the right choice. Above 25 mm only oxy fuel.