Wednesday, February 24, 2016

To pierce or to drill? That is the question

Using a cutting torch to pierce a hole is something frequently done whether you are using Plasma or Oxy-Fuel. But sloppy piercing increases wear and costs and it is just not practical for smaller holes.

Drilling is the obvious alternative but physically mounting a drilling machine on to the cutting machine can be difficult but it is worth the effort.

After purchasing a machine with an excellent deep hole drilling machine, holes are now only drilled and not pierced at one Swiss cutting company. 
They say that they have found that that this solution his is more economical, the cutting process is quicker and costs due to wear have been reduced.


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  2. Basically, the drills were all corded, all had keyed chucks, and rotated in only one direction and at one speed. So, the choice was not too difficult. Just pick a brand you sharp 3000

  3. The Table is generally moved by a pinion or a rack. It may be the counterbalance from the axis of the spindle and can be positively rotated to position perpendicular mainly to the column part of the drill. go here

  4. There is also a switch, usually near the trigger which reverses the operation of the drill. As you can imagine, these have distinct advantages over the basic corded drill. In addition to being able to perform all the functions of the basic corded drill, they also have a better suited although still limited ability to drive screws, and small lag bolts.


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