Monday, March 7, 2016

Fact N° 1: Oxy-Fuel doesn't cost the earth

Let me explain the chart first, it shows cutting costs per metre based on the thickness of the sheet. Everything is included, the cost of capital invested, running costs, manpower, etc. I have simplified the curves, please forgive me for that, my aim here is to show the basic principles.

It can be seen clearly when looking at Laser, the initial investment costs only play a minor role.
The investment costs are often overstated when purchasing a new machine. Of course I agree with your accountant that you should not be throwing money out of the window. But you don't just have the choice of lower initial purchase cost or lower cutting costs over the life of the machine. By investing slightly more in a modern Oxy-Fuel machine, you could have the best of both.

We can also see from this graph that Oxy-Fuel cutting for sheet thicknesses from 20 mm is very cost effective. And the more torches you have, the greater the savings.

So Fact N°1:  Oxy-Fuel doesn't cost the earth - PROVEN!

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