Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fact N° 2: Oxy fuel really is being used to cut thin plates

The results amazed me, I was stunned. I carried out a survey based on information I got from supplier of Oxy-Fuel cutting nozzles. The question I asked was, "How many cutting nozzles for each different sheet thickness do you sell? This was the result.

The nozzle manufacturer sells very few nozzles for smaller than 10 mm (0.4") or larger than 100 mm (4" inch) plates, which did not really surprise me. What did was the quantity of nozzles for cutting 15mm plates they were selling and for larger sizes than that, the curve rises steeply. That really surprised me.

So Fact N°2: Oxy-Fuel really is being used for small sheet thicknesses. PROVEN!

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