Friday, January 27, 2012

Why does IHT offer two different system for plasma cutting?

In each of its main ranges, IHT has two different variants for plasma cutting ( M 4000 ARC / C 1000 ARC and M 4000 PCS / C 1000 PCS). These two versions (ARC and PCS) differ in the way they operate, their levels of functionality and the number of cutting parameters that can be configured. Here I explain the difference........

If you always cut the same material, choose ARC
If you are always cutting the same material, you are typically always using the same cutting parameters. In these circumstances, it would be inconvenient and time wasting to have to set the same parameters each time and therefore for this type of application we recommend using the ARC version. On ARC systems you can set the main parameters very quickly and easily and still get a very precise cut.

If you have to cut different materials or different thicknesses, choose PCS
If you find yourself having to cut different materials or different thicknesses, then there is a need to be able to change multiple cutting parameters on a frequent basis. For this type of operation, a PCS system provides a flexible way of quickly entering the necessary settings.

There is increased functionality with the IHT M 4000 PCS and C 1000 PCS height control systems where there is the additional possibility to transfer all the cutting parameters digitally from your CNC machine using CUTBUS®.

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