Monday, November 29, 2010

The importance of gas cutting is underestimated.

Even in the cutting industry there are fashion trends. As a new cutting method becomes fashionable, methods that had until then been used widely, start to be neglected. At present laser cutting is the “In” technique, a few years back it was plasma cutting. As plasma became fashionable, the popularity of oxy-fuel declined.
Considering all the advantages of oxy-fuel, I don’t understand why it is not still more widely used. I see the benefits as being lower capital and operating costs, straighter and more accurate cuts and the possibility to cut thicker material. There are a few disadvantages of course, cutting stainless steel isn’t possible, more heat is transferred into the plate and the cutting process is slower. In emerging countries, oxy-fuel cutting is less widely used than in more developed parts of the world, indeed in some countries, the oxy-fuel process isn’t used at all. I think this is wrong and we should re-consider the use of oxy-fuel cutting.


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